Filtration Equipment and cleansing services of all mineral oils, diesel fuels & biofuels


…..Kleenoil is the original by-pass filter system to achieve the ultimate cleansing results of mineral fluids ….. using advanced depth filtration to ensure oil cleanliness to ISO4407 14/11/9 or better, and remove all water as it is formed.

”Whilst the filtration market continues to develop with varying media :
cellulose depth filtration continues to prove itself the finest there is.”



Particle contamination.

Solid particles multiply continuously, particularly in enclosed hydraulic systems. These particles flow through the hydraulic system under high pressure and at high speed and sandblast its components (pumps, valves, seals and cylinders).


Sludge and Varnish presence can have far-reaching consequences

The two most general classifications of insoluble contaminants are hard contaminants, such as dirt, debris and wear particles, and soft contaminants, composed of the various oil degradation by-products. Varnish and sludge originate from the soft contaminants.


Kleenoil cleans down to less than 3 micron absolute and all water …

how ? – by absorption and by adsorption in a continuous recycling process long fibres of the cellulose attract the water formed either through the combustion process or by condensation and absorb it like a sponge, at the same time rejecting the large oil molecules.

Kleenoil removes all particulate less than 3 micron absolute at 99% efficiency – single pass.

…. and to 1 micron relative on a multipass.


ISO Cleanliness Code 4406:1999

The International Organization for Standardization created the cleanliness code 4406:1999 to quantify particulate contamination levels per millilitre of fluid at three sizes: 4µ[c], 6µ[c], and 14µ[c]. This ISO code is expressed in 3 numbers: 19/17/14. Each number represents a contaminant level code for the correlating particle size. The code includes all particles of the specified size and larger.

It is important to note that each time a code increases the quantity range of particles doubles.

The results are quite defined in showing the progression of cleansing removing the particulate sizes effectively within a 6 hour period on 120ltr hydraulic fluid.

Applying this online in machines/hydraulic systems offers a faster timescale in cleansing, and then maintains constant hygiene.

Kleenoil Filtration started by Brain Cornett
Brian Cornett started KLEENOIL in 1976. The depth filter KLEENOIL was developed in response to the Israeli-Egyptian war of 1973. The Israeli army then had to cope with serious shortages of oil and many other fuels. Israel then searched for many ways to extend the life of the oil supplies. Kleenoil was developed to ensure the life of the oil in trucks and other cars would significantly increase.

Kleenoil Filtration Global Distribution

In 1986, after 10 years of steady growth in the domestic market, the eyes were focused on exports. Currently Kleenoil supplies products to 16 countries worldwide. Headquartered in The Midlands of the UK, with established technical distributors around the world, including Canada, USA, South Africa and Europe – See the link for direct contacts details.

KLEENOIL UK, delivers more than quarter century, the production and sale of all KLEENOIL By-Pass Oil Filtration Systems. KLEENOIL enabled to change the interval between oil changes to once a year on the MOT. Because the applications are improved endlessly KLEENOIL continuously developed new systems that meet the requirements of our customers. All KLEENOIL products are manufactured and assembled in house. KLEENOIL also produces custom filter elements.

Fivefold the life of your oil with depth-filtration

Preventive Maintenance will be Pro-ActiveKleenoil Filtration Filter
The axial flow combines multiple types of oil filtration into one filter. The largest dirt particles will be blocked on the surface and the significant smaller particles will be stopped by micro- and depth-filtration.

Kleenoil achieves a 14 / 9 ISO cleanliness. The Kleenoil SDFC-1888 filter element absorbs 1.2 liter of water with just one filterelement. The Kleenoil depthfilter are suitable for small and larger systems, carter systems, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, lubrication systems with high viscosity, systems with water problems, water glycol systems and diesel and bio-systems. Kleenoil Filtration can also be used for cleaning up systems, recycling off used and contaminated oil, oil storage or for the filling of your system.

  • Remove particles down to 1 micron, 3 absolute
  • Remove 99,95% of all water from the oil
  • Eliminate water and particle contamination
  • Greatly decrease engine and component wear
  • Extend oil life up to 5 times and hydraulic oil up to 10 times

Kleenoil = Safe Oil

The Kleenoil Super Duty Unit is expandable with an additional internal filter. The 316SS “RARE EARTH” magnetic element removed all metallic particles, the smallest metal particles (including sub-micron particles) from the machine oils. This is cleaner and we extend life of the SDFC-1888 filter element. The bypass Kleenoil depth filter is a cost effective and energy-conscious solution.

Application specific filter elements are available. Including applications for diesel, oil mist applications, recycling, cutting oils and harsh environmental conditions. Ask about the solution. IJssel Predictive Maintenance BV is building the bypass Kleenoil depth filters, if desired, in complete “Total Safe” round pump filtration units, also on customer specifications. Standard units are available.

With the added awareness of the importance of modern machinery, the environment, the big recycling potential of oil and last but not least the oil price only going up, the circle, after almost 40 year, is around again. Again we are faced with decreasing resources.

More than 10 years IJssel Predictive Maintenance BV provides an important contribution to the further development and distribution of Kleenoil Filtration in Europe.